I’ve got my blanket, my teddy, and my gun, Daddy!

…and how else would a boy begin his vacation?

We left the house at 6:38AM this morning. My kids heard the garage door go up, which is right under their room and Haydn was seemingly buckled in the van before the door got all the way up. He wasn’t that quick, but nearly so. Surprisingly, he was the most stoked this morning about the beginning of our two-week journey.

I told them four months ago that we were going to Disney World in September. They have been patiently waiting ever since. We actually began putting money in our “disney jug” several years ago, so the anticipation had been building for a lot longer than four months, but the reality hit them four months ago when I gave them the official date.

Today is the day!!

We’ll spend the first week in St. Pete, kicking the white sand of the Gulf Coast and enjoying the clearer waters of the gulf before we head inland to see Mickey. So off we went at 6:38AM this morning.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

  • 6:40AM: “So, this is how the school people live.” -Haydn, my late-sleeping home school boy!
  • 6:59AM: “Are we out of South Carolina yet? -Haydn
  • 7:24AM: “I need to pee.” -Haydn
  • 8:56AM: “Are we out of South Carolina yet.” -Haydn
  • 9:03AM: “Are we there now?” -Ansa

We arrived in St. Pete at 7:33PM. We made numerous stops for food, gas, and ….. God gave us much grace because we were tired. I think I was the only one who sinned. I asked my kids to forgive me for getting angry when they got too loud. Other than that, it was a seemingly sin-free trip.

By the time we unloaded, there was enough sunlight left to hit the waters and the kids appeared to be launched out of a canon. They were jumping, splashing, laughing, and swimming until we could hardly see them anymore. They are so stoked right now as I type this. They are in their room, giggling, hugging, laughing and enjoying one another.

Our bungalow is a two bedroom, full-kitchen house that is quite nice. It is 99 steps from the ocean, which is super-convenient. We’re looking forward to five days of water fun before we go see the mouse.

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