Full Disclosure!

I have never cared much for the beach. It is hot, sweaty, sandy, windy, and generally irritating. I go to the beach because I am head over heels in love with my wife and I find few pleasures better than serving her. She loves the beach!! This does not even get into the issue of women running around wearing something akin to their panties. For me it has had less to do with my spiritual walk as my practical walk. Though the beach is a spiritual downer if it is summer and well-attended by women, I don’t like the hassle of the other things I mentioned above.

This week has been different. The difference is more than subtle. There has only been two other beaches that I have thoroughly enjoyed. They were in Hawaii and Sea Brook. The St. Pete beach has been a joyful third candidate. There is hardly anyone down here. The heat is not bad at all and it is not as windy as some of the SC beaches.

I told Lucia today that if we could swing it, as far as finding another place, I’d love to stay a couple more days before we go to Disney. We had planned on heading inland Friday, but we may stay until Sunday morning if we can find another place.

It has been a joy.

Haydn and I went roller blading today. We picked up some smoothies at the Paradise Grille and then bladed on back to the girls. I used my ski poles, which caused quite a few looks from the beach goers. I guess they have not seen ski poles at the beach, but for me it was all about pragmatism. One older person did see the wisdom in the ski poles.

And the good news? I was unscathed from our roller blading excursion.

Another evening under the gazebo after a “swim until it is pitch dark” adventure.

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