Jelly Fish

Ran into this on the way to the surf shop

Today started out great. I slept late. Lucia and the kids went to the beach. I got up and ran 3.5 miles, from where we are staying to the Don Ce Sar, which is a major hotel in the area. It was built circa 1910 and was a hubbub of activity during the roaring twenties. Al Capone, F. Scott Fitzgerald and others frequented the very large, pink hotel. It has 220 rooms, a couple of pools and is right on the beach. It looks like a very large pink castle.

It was pretty hot for a 12 Noon run down the shoreline, but it was good. When I got back the kids were still swimming with no sign of letting up. They are having a blast. We then went on a road trip to WINGS (a surf shop), the DQ (also known as the Dairy Queen). I bought Haydn some snorkel equipment and he was stoked. We came back to head out to the beach again.

All was well until Haydn was stung by a jelly fish. He was screaming his head off, while simultaneously yelling at me to get one of his flippers that had come off. In-between screams, he was yelling for is flipper. Sadly I couldn’t find it. Rather than the flipper coming into the shore, it floated out to sea. More importantly (and soberly), Haydn’s arm welted-up. Lucia put some vinegar on it, with a little aspirin and things calmed down. They came back out to the beach, but Haydn was done for the day. He stayed at the shoreline for the next two hours. We walked the shoreline twice trying to find his lost flipper, but to no avail.

He’s doing better now, but was not convinced that the ocean would be a good option for the rest of the day. We’ll see how things go tomorrow.

  • Mommy’s favorite thing today was watching the fishermen catch a shark and going on a walk with the kids.
  • Tristen’s favorite thing today was going on a walk with mommy.
  • Haydn’s favorite thing today was scuba diving in the ocean.
  • Ansa’s favorite thing today was making a sea shell necklace. (Daddy found a cute seashell on his run.)
  • Daddy’s favorite thing was eating dinner with his family, snorkeling with the kids, and adventuring along the seashore.

Haydn is doing well tonight. Thank you Father.

We sat out on the beach for over an hour in the dark. The kids ran around with flashlights!!

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