Fort “Mosquito”

Yesterday Lucia met Emily on the beach. Emily is from Kentucky. She had a cute little baby daughter with her. Her husband is in Japan for three months. Emily is staying in the bungalow in the same house as us. There are three “apartments” that this house has been converted to. Emily went to DeSoto Beach yesterday and raved about it. She said we should go. Desoto Beach was rated as one of the top ten beaches in America for 2005.

We did the research and also found out there was a fort on this peninsula. It is called Fort DeSoto. Blue water, white sandy beaches, and an old historic fort. It was a no-brainer. We must go. And it was 27 minutes from where we were.

We arrived at the fort first, since it came before the northern tip of DeSoto Beach. It was a concrete walled fort with several artillery guns. I thought it was odd that the “Walmart” size parking lot had only about three cars on it. We parked close to the fort, since there were about a hundred different choices. Ansa had to pee.

Mommy took Ansa to the potty, while I went with Tristen and Haydn up the long steps to the top of the fort. You could walk around the top of the fort and see what they saw as they looked out into the ocean. It was over-grown with a lot of weeds and other plant life, but it gave you a good idea of what it was like back in the day.

By the time I stepped onto the sidewalk a mosquito bit the back of my leg. I thought, “Oh, that hurt! I wonder how many mosquitos are out here?” By the time I stepped on the first step I was bitten five times. The really odd thing was that these “birds” didn’t just bite and leave. They bit and stayed latched onto the skin. And it didn’t feel so much like a mosquito bite as much as something taking a chunk out of your skin. I looked down at my leg and there were 1/2 dozen of them leached to my leg. I looked at the kid’s back and notice welts popping up on them. I yelled at the kids to get off the fort and let’s run out of there. Tristen was already yelling, “Something bit me.”

By that time Mommy had come back from the restroom trying to find us so she could get the key, to go to the van to get the bug spray. When she got up top with Ansa I yelled at her, “Let’s get out of here!!” It was absolutely horrible.

We went down below to do some adventuring, but the mosquitos were relentless. We stayed as long as we could, but everyone was scratching their legs, arms, backs, and necks. There was another couple walking through the fort and I noticed they were swatting mosquitos as well. It was torturous.

We decided the fort was not worth it and beat it back to the van. We had used nearly 1/2 a can of spray during our 15 minute stay. I felt like I was in a Hitchcock movie. The couple who were on the walking tour were right behind us, getting in their car. They had enough too.

In 51-years of living I have never experienced anything remotely like that, as far as mosquito bites are concerned. I told Lucia they were “skeeter-hawks.” We named the fort, Fort “Mosquito.” On the way to the beach Ansa wrapped up in a towel in the van. She was afraid she would be attacked in the van. Though it was hot in the van, it didn’t matter. She was not taking any chances.

DeSoto Beach was pretty cool, but we were whooped by the time we got out there. The mosquitos were out there as well. The good news was that once we got to the water the mosquitos were not too bad. Sadly, I had to go to the potty, which was back in “Mosquito-ville.” I had to do a #2 and when I got to the stall I saw a swarm of mosquitos waiting on me in the stall. I had to take my pants down to poop and really didn’t have a choice. I dropped my drawers and told the “skeeter hawks” that I was going to show my @$$ and they had better not bite me. They did not honor my request. It was another horrible ending.

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