Down Day: Moving Day

We paid for a four-day stay, with us leaving on Friday AM. We figured if we didn’t like the accommodations or if the kids had enough or if the weather was stormy or if we wanted to do something else or if we wanted to go to Disney two days earlier and just hang in the hotel, we would not be locked into a longer term lease in St. Pete.

After being here a couple of days, we all wanted to stay longer, so we talked to our owner about extending another two days. We knew our bungalow was reserved beginning today, so we would have to move to another place that she had, if it was available, or move to a different kind of place altogether.

The Lord was extremely gracious to us, not that he had to be, but he was: she had another place two doors down. It was a bit smaller, but for us it was perfect. Small or large matters not. Being together matters most. So we have a smaller place with the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and dinning room all in one big room. It’s pretty cool actually.

We spent from 10 to 12 moving and then hung out watching cartoons for a few hours. This was the first day that we did not do anything as far as a planned activity. Nobody really complained about it, which was a clue that slow was best. I think everyone is tired. We’ve been going at it pretty hard.

(Right now Lucia is in bed and I’m watching nickjr with the kids. They’re sitting together on the couch eating popcorn.)

Lucia took a nap after we got all moved in. Then I took a nap. By that time it was 4PM and we decided to head out to the beach for a 3-hour splash time. That was great. We buried Haydn because you’re supposed to do that when you go to the beach. Ansa wanted to be buried, so we buried her too. Tristen found more sand dollars.

I threw the kids up in the air a bunch, launching them into the ocean. They really liked that. The sad news is that Tristen is getting so big that I can’t lift her anymore. I’m sad about my little girl getting bigger, but life must go on.

Toward the end Lucia saw a jellyfish, so I had the kids get out of the ocean. Haydn still has sting marks all over his wrist from getting stung on Wednesday. He has been super-tentative about getting in the ocean. I don’t blame him. He will go in if I go in. He’ll go in with Lucia. Sometimes he will go by himself, but prefers to be close to someone.

We were going to go roller blading when we got back to our place, but after Lucia took a shower and we all got turned around, I wasn’t really up to it and no one else was terribly disappointed. Food was more important. It was a good and much slower day. I think that served Lucia and the kids much better today.

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