3 Mile Trek

Today was our last day at the beach according to our vacation plans. It was also noticeable in that Tristen was not asking to go to the beach today. That is quite remarkable! Tristen loves the beach as much as any place in the world. She was born to be in the water. She is just like her mother. However, today she was not asking to go to the beach. I think she is nearly worn out. That, too, is amazing. The hot sun, the non-stop activity, and endless fun has brought her down to a mere mortal girl. She’s tired.

Today we donned on our roller blades and rolled to the Don Ce Sar, the pink hotel on St. Pete Beach. I rolled about 1/2 mile and then walked the rest of the way. Lucia and Tristen went all the way there and back on their roller blades. It was three miles. Haydn rolled part of the way, took the blades off part of the way and rolled back to our house. Ansa got the royal treatment as she sat in the stroller the whole way. She was the only one who really complained about the weather. It was hot.

Tristen was amazing. She went the whole distance on her blades and never complained. It was a fun trip, but probably about as long as we could go under the circumstances. We took pictures of beautiful flowers. We stopped at a picnic shelter and then a convenience store for ice cream and a potty break.

That was the highlight of our day.

We came in and sat under the cool air conditioning for awhile. Then we went to the beach around 5PM. I did not get in the water for the first time this week. Lucia spent a good bit of time in the water, more than I expected. Tristen initially stayed on the shore digging out a village. She eventually wandered into the water and played quite a bit. Haydn went in, though he was still a bit hesitant after the jellyfish incident on Wednesday. Ansa went in and splashed around a lot, but was ready to crash about two hours later. She lay on a beach towel for about a 1/2 hour. She is my only child who listens to her body. When she is tired, she says she is tired and cooperates 100 percent when asked to lay down. She knows she is ready to lay down no matter how much fun she is having and she does lay down. Quite amazing. The other two push themselves past wise limits.

I continued reading “The Cross Centered Life,” the larger volume. I told Lucia that it is more meaningful this time through than ever before. The message of the Cross becomes sweeter as the years pass along. That was a pleasant and welcomed surprise to me.

The kids did some broad jumping (Haydn and Tristen) on the beach. Haydn jumped nearly 9 feet. Amazing. I was more than surprised at how far he could jump. He naturally gets athletics.

We came in to eat and pack. Tomorrow (Sunday) is our day to go to Disney World.

This has been our best vacation ever, no doubt.

“I like this house, mom, because the bedroom is close to the kitchen, the living room is close to the kitchen, and the bathroom is close to the kitchen.” -Haydn (I see a pattern here.)

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