Sunday: Disney Day One

Today was packing and travel day. We packed the van and made our way northeast for the two hour trip to Walt Disney World. The kids maxed out St. Pete Beach and were ready to go. It seemed perfect. They were not “pre-thinking” Disney, while missing out on St. Pete. They fully enjoyed St. Pete up to the last minute and when it was time to head to Disney, they transitioned appropriately. It could not have been better.

They became focused on Disney when we headed to Disney.

The trip was quick. We stopped once at the restroom and kept moving. We did not give the kids any hints about when we were getting close to Disney. We wanted them to figure it out through their own observations. When we hit the exit off I-4 they figured it out.

Tristen said, “Daddy, all things are becoming colorful.” That was an awesome quote.

Ansa said, “We made it; we made it; we made it; we made it…” She was singing it.

When it was time to be at Disney, there were fully stoked about being here.

Tristen’s quote reminded me of what I might say when I get to heaven. I would not want to equate Disney World with heaven, but I do think when I get to heaven there will be obvious, quick, and discernible differences.

We are staying at Kidani Village. Let’s just say it is incredible. Disney is Disney. They do things right. The folks are kind. The facilities are clean. Things are administrated in a common sense way. We are well taken care of. The condo is huge.

The kid’s first Disney experience was getting in the jacuzzi tub with the jets roaring. The kids are small, the tub is huge, and the fun was quite entertaining.

We’re here!! Praise God…

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