Monday: Disney Day Two

Today was off to Downtown Disney. It was a full day for the kids. We finished it off with some monorail rides. The kids got their first glimpse of the castle. That has been the main point of discussion over the past few months.

Surprisingly, Tristen said, “It’s pink! I thought it was white.” She was disappointed. It was funny.

The cool thing about the kids is that it takes nearly nothing to stimulate their imaginations and bring enjoyment to their lives. They live somewhat simply and can enjoy the most modest things. With that in mind, you can imagine how “off the chain” they are about anything they see or experience.

Whether we’re looking out the window of the Kidani Village at the animals, or swimming in the bathtub, it’s all awesome to them.

They also get their free pic of a Disney movie from the gift shop. As a guest, you can watch any Disney DVD for no extra charge. They watched Pocahontus II tonight. Can life be better? I bought a $15 mug and you can refill it as many times as you want. I think it has been refilled 15 times the first day! Life is good.

The folks at the registration sent us some cake, whip cream stuff in ice cream cones. They wanted to bless us. They knew we were first timers and thought it would be a nice touch. It was!

We went to Lego Land at Downtown Disney. I had a cuban sandwich at Bongos. Haydn ate half of it. I was surprised. He totally loved it. Haydn and Ansa had 1/2 my Cuban coffee. That revved their engines.

We went on a ferry ride. We bought a box of Mr. Potato Head parts. You could fill a box for $20 and it didn’t matter how many parts, as long as you could close the box top. We got mostly “Mickey” type parts.

A friend back home gave the kids some pins to trade. You can go up to any Cast Member and ask them for one of their pins if you’re willing to trade yours. They have been trading pins all day. That has been good for them, in that they are interacting with adults. They have traded many times now.

It rained a little, but no big deal. I hardly think this week could be ruined. The kids (and us) will need a week to recover, but it will be well worth it.

Tomorrow…off to the Magic Kingdom…

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