Tuesday: Disney Day Three

Up at 7AM and to bed by 11PM. As I write this post, the kids are sleeping soundly. The grace of God was all over them today. They never stopped from early to late and their attitudes were incredible. I was so thankful at how God worked in their little hearts today. It could have gone bad with all the heat, the foot traffic, the lines, the worn out bodies, and the very long grind of a day at Disney World.

Did they have a blast? I’m not sure they could have been more encouraged. We were one of the first ones at the gates before they opened. I bought Tristen an autograph book so she could get all the princesses autographs throughout the day. She was so grateful.

The Disney crew came out and did their opening song and then the gates were opened. We headed right to the Dumbo ride at the back of the park. There were no lines. The first two hours in the park for us were rides, re-rides, and no lines. It was pretty cool. Most of the folks went right or left when they entered the park and swept either clockwise or counter-clockwise and eventually converged where we were. By the time both groups got to us, we were gone. It was a good day.

Ansa had her first roller coaster ride. All of them liked Splash Mountain and the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad rides. I believe those two rides were their favorites. We went on them several times. They couldn’t stand it (that’s a good thing). As they came off, they were cheering to get back on. It was fun times for them.

The first character we saw were the step-sisters of Cinderella. I had no clue who they were and went to them to get their autographs for Tristen. One of the mean step-sisters was mean to me. I was slightly offended because I did not know she was acting. I thought, “Who the heck are you? I only want an autograph.” I mentioned this to Lucia only to find out who the character was. I didn’t read those stories as a kid.

When we got on the Mad Tea Party, I spun the cup we were in as hard as I could. I nearly threw up. The kids couldn’t get enough. Being fifty-one is a bit different than being 4, 6, or 8. Ansa loved the tea cup. I was done!

We had planeed on returning to Kidani Village for the afternoon and going back later, but we were so energized that no one wanted to go home, especially me. It was just too much fun. I’m sorta not looking that forward to getting back to work. I’d love to be here with my family for a month. This is fun.

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