The Day the Festiva Died

Last Thursday on my way to work I wrecked the Festiva. I was almost at the office, heading down Lovett Drive. I was going somewhere between 15 and 20 MPH. As I was heading into an intersection a lady pulled out from her stop sign right into my path. My street did not have a stop sign so I had the right of way. I was so close to her when she pulled into the intersection that there was no way I could avoid hitting her.

It happened in slow motion. I’m not sure how that happens. It was like my mind slowed the event down, frame by frame even though it was in real time. I hit her on the front passenger side. Her front side was knocked in and her tire was bent. My front end was knocked in, pushing the hood up out of place. The passenger side door was jammed as well.

Because my car (really the car Lucia bought when she was single) is a 1992 Festiva, they have to total it. It would cost probably two to three times its current worth to repair it, therefore there was no option but to total it. This is sad.

Interestingly enough, I was praying on the way to work about whether to put the car in the shop. It has been a good car. God answered that prayer. I’m curious as to what God has in mind. We were okay with getting it repaired prior to the wreck. Now that it is wrecked, we’re okay with replacing it, if we choose to replace it. We may just go with one car. We’ll see what He has in mind.

Classic Haydn

We pulled into the garage after a couple of hours of running errands. This was a Tuesday, so the garbage can and recycle bin were out at the cul-de-sac. I asked Haydn if he would go get the recycle bin and bring it to the garage. He said, “Okay daddy, but I have got to pee.” I told him to pee outside, a boys dream. He jumps out of the van and runs outside to pee.

Unfortunately, I did not supervise this or give him specific instructions. When I got out of the van and looked outside I saw Haydn with zipper down, walking up our concrete driveway, while peeing a zig-zag line. The drive is slanted upward, therefore he was sort of waddling from side to side while straddling the line of pee he was making up the drive.

Once he had accomplished his artwork, he yelled back at me, “Dad!! Look at what I did! This was a proud moment for my son. His dad was just as proud.

A Typical Saturday

Today we got up and put the bread on the front porch. Since November, ’09 we have been picking bread up from Panera Bread to distribute to the poor. We distribute about $3,000.00 worth of bread each month. We have two folks who come to our house to pick up bread to distribute.

We take bread to one of our neighbors. We take more bread to our former neighbors, who now live about five miles away. We also take bread to the gas attendant at Costco, which we did today. I met him one night about a year ago at Costco and felt led to ask him if he wanted some bread. He took some and we have been giving him bread ever since. He gives the bread to about three elderly folks.

The rest of the bread we take to our church on Sunday to feed the children’s ministry workers.

We then went to Home Depot for their first Saturday of every month kid’s workshop. Today the kids built a Valentine wall mount that you can put things on. They won’t put anything on it or put it up. They don’t use any of the things they have built at Home Depot. It’s more about the experience. They love building things and it’s a cool thing to do. They came home later in the day and began painting their wall mounts.

We then went to Mattress Firm to look at some mattresses for the kids. We also went to Trader Joe’s for no particular reason. It just happened to be beside the mattress store. We also went to the bank to make a deposit. We went to BiLo to get food for tomorrow’s Super Bowl party with our small group.

We came home. Jacob, our former neighbor boy who is Haydn’s age was visiting Mrs. Birdie with his dad. The kids saw their van and were stoked that they could see Jacob one more time. By the time we got into the garage, Jacob was running across the cul-de-sac to meet the kids. They played for awhile.

We had dinner. They painted the wall mounts. I downloaded a math game app from iTunes. Haydn played that a ton, which was the hope. We watched Andy Griffith, two episodes, which we do nearly every Saturday night. We also watched two episodes of COPS. The kids really like this. It is a great time to instruct them about right and wrong, obeying, trusting, wages of sin, and more.

I asked Ansa, “What’cha gonna do when they come for you?” She said quite loudly, “Pray!”

They then went to bed. It was another good, low key day, as we enjoyed each other.

A Tube is Not Inconvenient

Last week I left my keys for the office at home. Therefore, when I left the office I had to go home, get the keys, go back to the office, and lock the door. The handle lock was locked, but the deadbolt was not locked. Since I’m the new guy at the office I did not want the other folks to come in the next day and find the deadbolt not locked, though the door was locked. I felt it would not have been a good testimony.

However, I had planned an evening with the family and this was going to mess that up. Not surprisingly they were forgiving and the kids even wanted to ride back to the office with me to lock the door. This also gave Lucia about 45 minutes to herself, which was not bad either. So that is what we did.

On the way back from the office I told Tristen, because she is now sitting in the front seat, that it was inconvenient to do all of this, but I still think it was best for a testimony sake, glorify God, and to serve my office mates.

She asked, “What does inconvenient mean?”

I thought to myself, “I don’t know. How can I explain that?”

Then it came to me. I shared with her about the time last year when we came back from the lake and one of the kids had to pee. We were on a desolate stretch of road and there were no places to go other than the side of the road. I said that was inconvenient. Then I asked, “Wasn’t that you?” To which she said…here it is…a classic moment from Tristen,

No way dad! I would never do that. I have to sit down when I pee or I will pee all over my leg. It had to be buddy. He’s got a tube and he can point it where he wants it to go.