Classic Haydn

We pulled into the garage after a couple of hours of running errands. This was a Tuesday, so the garbage can and recycle bin were out at the cul-de-sac. I asked Haydn if he would go get the recycle bin and bring it to the garage. He said, “Okay daddy, but I have got to pee.” I told him to pee outside, a boys dream. He jumps out of the van and runs outside to pee.

Unfortunately, I did not supervise this or give him specific instructions. When I got out of the van and looked outside I saw Haydn with zipper down, walking up our concrete driveway, while peeing a zig-zag line. The drive is slanted upward, therefore he was sort of waddling from side to side while straddling the line of pee he was making up the drive.

Once he had accomplished his artwork, he yelled back at me, “Dad!! Look at what I did! This was a proud moment for my son. His dad was just as proud.