The Day the Festiva Died

Last Thursday on my way to work I wrecked the Festiva. I was almost at the office, heading down Lovett Drive. I was going somewhere between 15 and 20 MPH. As I was heading into an intersection a lady pulled out from her stop sign right into my path. My street did not have a stop sign so I had the right of way. I was so close to her when she pulled into the intersection that there was no way I could avoid hitting her.

It happened in slow motion. I’m not sure how that happens. It was like my mind slowed the event down, frame by frame even though it was in real time. I hit her on the front passenger side. Her front side was knocked in and her tire was bent. My front end was knocked in, pushing the hood up out of place. The passenger side door was jammed as well.

Because my car (really the car Lucia bought when she was single) is a 1992 Festiva, they have to total it. It would cost probably two to three times its current worth to repair it, therefore there was no option but to total it. This is sad.

Interestingly enough, I was praying on the way to work about whether to put the car in the shop. It has been a good car. God answered that prayer. I’m curious as to what God has in mind. We were okay with getting it repaired prior to the wreck. Now that it is wrecked, we’re okay with replacing it, if we choose to replace it. We may just go with one car. We’ll see what He has in mind.