Unprovoked Gospel-Goodness from My Daughter

Tristen sent this email today to the AWANA Leader at our church. It was pretty cool. Though she asked us before she sent it, I was blessed that she would think of this on her own.

Dear Mrs. Katie,
I’m pretty sure that my grade is going to win the cupcake party this Wednesday. I am going to ask my class if we could give the cupcake party to sixth grade girls. I have a friend in sixth grade named Hannah Suber. She told me through out all the years that she has been in Awana she, and her friends, have never had a cupcake party. And my friends and I won the cupcake party last year when we were in third grade.

So, on Wednesday I am going to ask my class to give our party to the sixth grade girls. If they are willing to give up the cupcakes we need to let someone know on Wednesday night. Would you ask the person who is going to give fourth grade the cupcakes, to ask us if we decided to keep them give them to the sixth grade? Would they be able to delivery them to the sixth grade?
Tristen Thomas