Days at the lake with friends

Last week we went with some friends to Lake Marion, SC. It is east of Columbia, right in the middle of the state. It’s in Clarendon County, which is one of the poorest counties in the state. It looked that way. Lake Marion is a manmade lake. It was hulled out circa WW2. There are still stumps on the lake from way back when.

My friends had a very nice lakefront home. It was spacious and we enjoyed time with them and their kids. They were very generous to us. Per usual, it takes me about a day to unwind. I did and it was great to lounge around and do nothing.

The kids did not get water-logged. I’m not sure why not. They spent more time in the lake than out of it. I think that is a literal statement. They jumped, dove, swam, dug, paddled, fished, and pushed the whole time they were there. At one point I took several of them across the lake in a paddle boat. That was dumb.

About halfway I realized it was a long way, but pride kicked in and I determined I was going to go all the way across that lake. We did and then paddled back. That was a lot of paddling.

Another amazing factoid was that my children could get up without provocation, very early in the morning. Tristen even got up to go “paddle boat fishing” with Hannah, our friend’s oldest child. Their endurance and initiative was amazing. I can’t wait for school to start to see some more of their unprompted willingness.