Down on the Farm

Yesterday we went to the Merry Christmas Tree Farm in Central, SC. It’s our family tradition.

We have done this for a number of years now. You can watch the video.

We first began getting our trees from a “neighborhood farm” when we lived in Peppertree.

Tristen was a “babe in arms” when we went out to this man’s home, in a nearby sub-division. He had a smallish house, with a postage stamp backyard.

In his backyard were about 40 trees. That’s where we first began cutting down our own trees. We did that twice at his home. It was great.

Sometime thereafter we heard about the Merry Christmas Tree Farm and began the one hour trek to Central. One year we forgot when they opened and upon arriving found that they were closed.

That year we went to a neighboring farm. Otherwise, we’ve always gone to the Merry Christmas Tree Farm. It’s our favorite place. Usually we go on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The Clemson vs. South Carolina football game is always blaring through their speakers on the farm.

This year we went on Friday, which was far better–not because of the ballgame blaring. The traffic was not as bad going to Central and it gave us an extra day to trim the tree.

This year was especially special. We bought two trees, one big one for downstairs and a smaller one for the upstairs landing. This is “Haydn’s tree.” He really wanted a small tree for upstairs so he could put his stuffed animals under it.

It looks pretty cool.

I let him pick it out. He covered the farm, looking at hundreds of trees until he found the perfect one. It was quite a ways from our van and the netting machine. I tied a twine string to the trunk and he pulled it all the way to the netting machine. Amazing.

His tree was on the “lower forty,” which meant he had to drag it up a very long hill.

We also made it a party this year. Some of the members from our small group came with us. We all met there at 11:30AM. Each family cut their tree and we took pictures and shot a video. Altogether, we bought five trees as a group–plus one friend of the group came too, and bought a tree.

We had our usual hot chocolate, candy canes, and each kid got a Charlie Brown tree. They have a surplus of Charlie Brown trees on one side of the farm. They give these away. We took ten of them. (See pic above.)

It was a wonderful blast, probably one of the best times we ever had. I already can’t wait until next year when we can go again.

We prayed for the kind folks at the farm that they will sell many trees this year. They are a wonderful family.

And a plus this year: the weather could not have been better. It was between 65 and 70 degrees, a gorgeous foothills of SC weather.

Tree Tip: They also sell Christmas Tree bags. That’s a plus. You don’t want to forget that. We placed our tree in the stand, and then put the tree and stand in the bag.

When we’re done with the tree after Christmas, we pull the bag up around the tree to tote it out of the house. That keeps the dreaded pine needles from getting all over the house.