Haydn doing it again

The paragraphs below (in blocks) tell a snippet about our most recent trip to the Greenville Christmas Parade. We went there with our good friends, the Crumptons.

We sat on the street, waiting for the parade to come. We had some of the “best seats in the house.” We arrived 90 minutes early to put our chairs out and then went to get something to eat.

Once we got back, we settled in for the parade to show up. Haydn and Ansa were sitting in front of me and Tristen was a few spots over, all three of them sitting on the pavement.

A Target Float came by and some of the walkers were passing out candy canes, good size ones. A lady gave Haydn and Ansa one, but did not see Tristen a few spots away from them.

Without hesitation, Haydn took the candy cane and seamlessly reached out to Tristen and handed his to her, recognizing that he would not get one. The 17-year old son–Charles–of the Crumptons saw what he had done.

His mother sent the following email note to me a couple of days later:

Charles was utterly shocked at Haydn’s reaction with the candy cane. He said, “Mom it was an instant, normal reaction for him to look out for his sisters.”

I responded this way initially:

Okay…i’ll respond later to all of this, but wanted to tell you now that I am crying as I read what you said about my son. It’s my dream that he would love Jesus. He is such a good boy. He is amazing to me. I saw him do that. Thanks for reminding me. I needed to be re-encouraged today. I praise God for Haydn.

And then responded this way the next day:

Thanks again for the email. It was a lot of fun to read what you wrote to Haydn and the girls. He kinda hung his head down, kinda shy about being the center of attention. He is what he is and he does what he does, a total encouragement to me…and Lucia too. We have been blessed because God gave us those three guys.