Adventure sleeping

Throughout our kid’s first years we have allowed them to do adventure sleeping. Adventure sleeping is when they pick any place in the house to sleep. Last night they slept in the “King’s Chamber,” which is what I told them. They loved it. Tristen slept behind the gliding rocker. Haydn slept 1/2 under the bed. Ansa slept beside the bed.

They enjoyed it and asked if they could do it tonight. They are so much fun. To date they have slept in the dinning room, living room, all over their bedrooms, and in the closets. Their favorite place to sleep has been together in Tristen and Ansa’s bed.

Tristen is 10.5 now and they still enjoy sleeping together. They are rarely apart. It has been one of the many joys of my life to watch them interact with each other. We also have many pictures of them sleeping together. As a parent, you know that a sleeping child is one of the most beautiful things you can look at.