Kids are at Crumpton Camp

Our friends, Chuck and Heidi Crumpton our keeping our kids this week. We’ve called this their first annual Crumpton Camp. They were picked up last Sunday evening after small group. We will get them at the lake this Saturday, after we spend some time boating around.

Heidi sent an email last night about their first two days together. It was major encouraging. Here it is:

Hello Friends,

Where do I start! Youngest to oldest is a good idea. 

Ansa is brilliant, determined in a good way, obeys even though she may not concur, eager to learn, loves the dog Ashley, has her mothers teeth and really loves any kind of bling!

She can flat throw some questions on you once she gets warmed up. I love that about her! I was sorta talking to myself about Ashley’s fur shedding and being everywhere and Ansa sighed and used her determined voice and said …. that sure is a good dog … went about her jewelry sorting without even looking up. Ansa offered to brush Ashley for me and has taken charge of it with great delight! 

Haydn is the kindest kid I have ever met! He loves without thinking, unlike most of the human race. He gives his sisters first choice on his own, and seems to find satisfaction in doing so. 

Last night he was coloring at the kitchen table and wrote his name on his coloring book and said… hey Mrs. Heidi did you know, that if you try to say the A in Thomas it sounds like… TOM ASS. Whoever is teaching him his vowels is pretty darn creative… that’s all I have to say.  

He loves the gun stuff with Charles and Chuck and waits patiently for them to get done working so he can hunt bear. 

Tristen is a soap maker and lets Ansa participate, which is very kind of her. She is fun to talk to, because she acts like both of you. We were talking about Chuck making them laugh and being silly, and I said I was the more serious type …. her reply was..

Um, no Ms Heidi I think you are fun too.. sometimes. Tristen has reminded Haydn and Ansa of your house rules in a loving way without being bossy. I have noticed she is very aware of right and wrong, not in a rule abiding way but in a heart way. I almost started to cry happy tears, when I realized her heart was involved and she wasn’t just obeying a set of rules.

Well tomorrow we are going to the Pickens Flea Market for a bit and then hopefully we will unload some of the soap on my mom, sisters, niece’s and sister-n-law and anyone else in the greater Pickens area who have a liking for the finer things in life. I will send pics tomorrow via iPhone.

End of Email

Heidi Flaugher