Motive behind the Crumpton Camp

We picked up our kids today from the Crumptons, our friends who heroically kept them this week–Monday-Friday. Needless to say, the children had stories. They had plenty of them. They never stopped talking from 12 Noon until I prayed with them shortly after 10PM and put them to bed. They were wide open.

We capped off their week of fun with a day on Lake Keowee. The Crumptons have a boat, which they keep at the lake. We typically go out with them once a year. This was that time, which was a great time for the children to end their week.

There were several reasons Lucia and I wanted to do this–send them to the Crumptons for a week. Here are a few reasons, in no particular order:

  1. We trust the Crumptons, so it was a no brainer for them to keep them for a week. They know us and how we parent. They understand our values, priorities, and vision for our children.
  2. The Crumptons would interact with them and not push them off to the side or put them in front of a TV for a week. It would be interactive fun.
  3. We wanted to see how our kids were applying what we have taught them for 10, 8, and 6 years. Having them away from us for five days would give them many opportunities to put Christ on display as well as sin.
  4. Our hope was they would be a positive influence on the Crumptons, e.g. encouragement, faith building, relationship building, and so forth.
  5. The Crumptons are going to get our children if both of us were to die suddenly. Our goal was to have a week like this, plus many other interactions where they can be with our children so if something tragic was to happen to us, the transition would not be too difficult.
  6. This week would give Lucia a needed break to rest, take a slow pace, and take a deep breath. Children are needy you know and this was very good for Lucia to chill a bit.
  7. Our kids would be influenced by the Crumptons as they get to build relationally with other adults. This would help them to continue to mature into what they will be for most of their lives–that is, adults.
  8. It would be a lifetime memory for the children.
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