Annual Furman Basketball Game

Each year our friend Mike gives us tickets to one of the Furman Basketball games on the campus of the university. I think this is our third or fourth time attending. We went yesterday. Mike has season tickets, but does not attend every game. They are excellent tickets, right at mid court, about 20 rows back. This gives us an excellent view of the whole court.

The way Furman does a game is by offering unlimited hamburgers, hot dogs, potato chips, nachos, popcorn, pizza, and sodas–as long as supplies last. My children are not really interested in basketball because they don’t understand it and have never asked to learn. They do like unlimited food supplies though and our annual Furman trip is just perfect for them.

Furman lost to Samford 63 to 52.

The kids had a better score. Here’s their list. Haydn was the winner, though no one was competing or complaining.

1 hotdog
3 ice creams
2 nachos
2 popcorn bags
2 sodas
1 cheeseburger
1 BBQ chip
2 sodas
1 ice cream
1 nacho
1 popcorn
1 cheeseburger
1 BBQ chip
2 ice creams
1 hotdog
1 regular chip
1 popcorn
2 sodas
1 cheeseburger
Let’s say each item would have cost $1.50 per. 27 x $1.50 = $40.50
Thank you, Mike, for the tickets.

Mother is deteriorating

Got word this week from Dwayne–brother #5, that mother has been put into the Jesse Helms Nursing Center in Monroe. After her stroke over a year ago, she has not recovered. During the holidays she fell out of her wheelchair and broke her right leg in two places.

Her health has continued to decline to the point of being admitted to the JHNC. I drove up today, which is where I’m writing this post. She is sleeping–just had her diaper changed.

She was feeding herself and able to work the remote for the TV. That’s a vast improvement from a month ago when I was last here. I’m encouraged. The nurses have to comply to the law, which means they can only talk to the Power of Attorney about the real scoop.

They were real kind and did give hints, the best of which is she is improving. She is cooperating in PT, eating, and being generally compliant. She did fall the other day trying to get out of the bed. It appears things are better.

Her stay here will be determined on her recovery. This could be a good or bad thing. She is doing well here, but I’m not sure it will be the same story if she goes home, where care is not of the same quality.

Racing cars at AWANA

Last night we went to our weekly AWANA meeting. It was race night for the T&T crowd. Tristen, Haydn, and I spent about two weeks–on and off, working on their cars. It was a delight. They had a wonderful time coming up with ideas and assisting me in the building, sanding, and painting.

They had excellent cars. I was impressed at how fast they ran. Both of them came in second or third in all of their heats, except for once when Haydn’s jumped the track for some inexplicable reason. It did not finish that heat.

He did have another heat where he actually came in first. With all the 20+ heats they did not come in as the final three, so they did not place, but that did not matter. It was not about winning, but about the memory and they had a wonderful memory.

Tristen said, “Thank you daddy for doing the cars this year.” She was overjoyed in the process, which is typical for her. She is such a grateful person.

After the event we went into the main auditorium of the church building, which is cleared out during the week, and pushed the cars all over the place. They may have loved that just as much.

Ansa had to stay home last night. She was running a fever the past two days, which means she was sleeping a lot. She was sad, but wonderfully compliant. She was whooped by the fever. Her group–the Sparks, had planned a picnic in the auditorium. She had talked about it for a week.

It was a time of eating and playing games while the older kids were racing their cars. One of the things which impresses me about my children is they are not demanding and can roll with the punches. She was fine and was able to rejoice with her siblings when they came home sharing their stories of the night’s events.

A note to my small group about impending deaths

Hello Friends – Just got word from my little brother in KY that mother could very well be dying. She is in a care facility in NC. He also let me know my older brother (brother #3) was admitted to Johns Hopkins and he may be dying as well.

He said he did not perceive either one of them making it. Bro. #3 is reclusive and does not want to talk to anyone or discuss with the family what is going on with him. It’s a long story, as most of them are.

I don’t have a timeline for either one. Little bro said he believes #3 is saved. Mother is born again the best I can tell. I am experiencing God’s grace, which is no surprise because He’s that way.
I would covet your prayers for both of them. Much more to say, but the most important thing right now is (1) prayer for healing, if possible and (2) salvation to be affirmed.
It hit pretty hard, but God’s grace came in like an ocean wave. I’m amazed in Him. I’m longing for home.
Thanks friends,


My son’s gambling problem

I was making a deposit at the bank when my 9-year old son lean in to me and asked if he could take $3 out of his bank account. He made a wager with his friend, Ethan. He had 3 bucks on the Niners. Oh my! My son was gambling last night. The good news is (1) He wanted to pay his gambling debt; (2) he wanted to keep his word. I guess I can praise the LORD for that.

Last night the SF 49’s played the Baltimore Ravens in the 47th Super Bowl. We went to our friend’s home–the Subers, to watch the game with our Small Group. We have a SB party each year. Lot’s of fun.