A note to my small group about impending deaths

Hello Friends – Just got word from my little brother in KY that mother could very well be dying. She is in a care facility in NC. He also let me know my older brother (brother #3) was admitted to Johns Hopkins and he may be dying as well.

He said he did not perceive either one of them making it. Bro. #3 is reclusive and does not want to talk to anyone or discuss with the family what is going on with him. It’s a long story, as most of them are.

I don’t have a timeline for either one. Little bro said he believes #3 is saved. Mother is born again the best I can tell. I am experiencing God’s grace, which is no surprise because He’s that way.
I would covet your prayers for both of them. Much more to say, but the most important thing right now is (1) prayer for healing, if possible and (2) salvation to be affirmed.
It hit pretty hard, but God’s grace came in like an ocean wave. I’m amazed in Him. I’m longing for home.
Thanks friends,