Racing cars at AWANA

Last night we went to our weekly AWANA meeting. It was race night for the T&T crowd. Tristen, Haydn, and I spent about two weeks–on and off, working on their cars. It was a delight. They had a wonderful time coming up with ideas and assisting me in the building, sanding, and painting.

They had excellent cars. I was impressed at how fast they ran. Both of them came in second or third in all of their heats, except for once when Haydn’s jumped the track for some inexplicable reason. It did not finish that heat.

He did have another heat where he actually came in first. With all the 20+ heats they did not come in as the final three, so they did not place, but that did not matter. It was not about winning, but about the memory and they had a wonderful memory.

Tristen said, “Thank you daddy for doing the cars this year.” She was overjoyed in the process, which is typical for her. She is such a grateful person.

After the event we went into the main auditorium of the church building, which is cleared out during the week, and pushed the cars all over the place. They may have loved that just as much.

Ansa had to stay home last night. She was running a fever the past two days, which means she was sleeping a lot. She was sad, but wonderfully compliant. She was whooped by the fever. Her group–the Sparks, had planned a picnic in the auditorium. She had talked about it for a week.

It was a time of eating and playing games while the older kids were racing their cars. One of the things which impresses me about my children is they are not demanding and can roll with the punches. She was fine and was able to rejoice with her siblings when they came home sharing their stories of the night’s events.

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