Mother is deteriorating

Got word this week from Dwayne–brother #5, that mother has been put into the Jesse Helms Nursing Center in Monroe. After her stroke over a year ago, she has not recovered. During the holidays she fell out of her wheelchair and broke her right leg in two places.

Her health has continued to decline to the point of being admitted to the JHNC. I drove up today, which is where I’m writing this post. She is sleeping–just had her diaper changed.

She was feeding herself and able to work the remote for the TV. That’s a vast improvement from a month ago when I was last here. I’m encouraged. The nurses have to comply to the law, which means they can only talk to the Power of Attorney about the real scoop.

They were real kind and did give hints, the best of which is she is improving. She is cooperating in PT, eating, and being generally compliant. She did fall the other day trying to get out of the bed. It appears things are better.

Her stay here will be determined on her recovery. This could be a good or bad thing. She is doing well here, but I’m not sure it will be the same story if she goes home, where care is not of the same quality.