A note from our babysitter

Last night Lucia and I went to Southern OM to take a free Yoga class–a gift given by them for my birthday. We asked Mike and Jane Hawkins if they would watch our kids. They did. Here is the follow-up email traffic to them, thanking them for sitting our children.

To: Mike Hawkins
Cc: Jane Hawkins; Lucia Thomas
Subject: Thank you for caring…

…for our children. We are humbled the LORD brings people into our lives to help us parent our children. As you know, parenting is a unique ride which needs lots of good friends and lots of prayer. We can’t parent them alone, which makes our gratitude for your care of them special. I asked the kids what did they like the most about being over at your place last night.

They said, “Them.”

Their favorite part was both of you. That was an amazing answer which speaks to the grace from the Father to you.


Yoga Master Rick

From: Jane Hawkins

We will party again soon…hopefully we will have warm weather again one day….and maybe they can come swim one evening while you all go out!  I think a round of “putt putt” sounds fun with them too! We don’t live too far from Frankies Fun Park! HAHA!

I was so impressed with Tristen…she is a so full of life and also so kind and gentle….she has so many ideas in her head and is so creative that I think she is just going to burst! God has gifted her in so many areas – it will be pretty special to see how she “grows” into all that talent and what she does with it.

I just enjoyed spending time with them!  We like kids!