Wheels up to Peru

TV screen on back of plane seat

We put the kids down around 8:30PM last night, hoping they would go to sleep quickly, which would enhance our flight experience today. They did go down, but not quickly to sleep. By 10PM they were asleep. Tristen woke up, taking two more hours to get to sleep. They all were up at 3AM ready to do.

I went to sleep around 2AM and awoke at 4:07AM. It was better than I was expecting, thinking I would not sleep at all. The LORD was kind to let me sleep a couple of hours. I’ve been in one of the worst bouts of insomnia in years. The past two months I have not slept before 3 or 4AM, except for once where I went to sleep at 10PM and awoke at 12:30AM, to stay away until 6AM.

The LORD has been gracious to me to give me persevering grace through all of this. I expect nothing any different for today. He is faithful. And amazing.

The enthusiasm for the journey had been building all week, hitting the apex last night and early this morning. Ansa has been nervous about flying since we told her about two months ago. She was clam, though excited this morning.

We left for the airport by 4:30AM and were checked in and walking to our boarding gate by 5:17AM. It was all as smooth as you would want it to be. We met David and Mary Swain at the airport, arriving about the same time as us. We all checked in together.

David and Mary attend our church and David is on our board. He approached me a few months ago about doing a parenting conference in Pucallpa, Peru. We are to arrive in Lima tonight and will stay overnight in an apartment the missionary couple’s (the wife) parents own. From Lima we will fly to Pucallpa on Sunday and get setup for our first meeting on Monday morning.

Flight itinerary

  1. Leave Greenville 6AM today.
  2. Leave Newark, NJ 2PM today.
  3. Land in Lima, Peru 10PM tonight.
  4. Settle in Lima and spend Saturday in the Pacific if the weather and circumstances permit.

The quote of the day so far is from Haydn: “I don’t think I can take my eyes away from looking out the window.” As I write this, he is playing Mine Craft on the iPad. Guess it didn’t take long to stop looking out the window, though the truth is, he’s multi-tasking at this moment.

Ansa has not stopped talking since boarding the plane. She has been a trooper. Whatever nervousness she had is all gone. I’m expecting her to crash. She is my “good sleeping child” who listens to her body as well as her mom. If she’s tired, she won’t complain a bit; she will just lay down and sleep.

Tristen is journaling as fast as she can, while looking out the window. She sees life in big ways and full of joy. Giving her a piece of paper with some scribbling on it makes her heart sing. Needless to say, her first flight in a plane today has made her soul soar. She sees all of life through a lens of joyful expectation. I love her so.

One of the funnier moments was Tristen interacting with the flight attendant. The flight attendant, Monica, told everyone what the beverages would be, but Tristen was not listening. So when Monica came back to ask what Tristen wanted, Tristen asked, “What do you have?” to which Monica asked, “What do you want?” to which Tristen asked, “What do yo have?”. This went on about five times until I intervened and told Monica she would like a coke.

Tristen was not being mean, just doing things her way. What she did not perceive is she was interacting with someone who was just as determined (rigid) to do it her way. It was a humorous, though ever so brief, floor show.

We are at cruising altitude. Tristen is enjoying her coke, while journaling. Haydn is bonding with the iPad. Mom and her clone (Ansa) are enjoying God’s creation.

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