Wheels down in Newark

Wheels down in Newark

It’s now 3:10PM

We arrived in Newark at 8:17AM. It was a good and uneventful flight. Tristen had the lucky window seats, the ones facing NYC. We all got to see the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty from the plane. All the kids got a good peek and a few camera shots. It was a thrill to experience the view through them. The face of a child seeing something special for the first time is better than seeing the sight itself.

It was a long walk to our gate, but with six hours to spare we made it in no time. We found a good camping spot in a large open dining area, pulled two tables together and spread out comfortably for a couple of hours. David and I did some of our work. Mary was making wedding plans. (Charlotte is marrying Willie Corn–the second string quarterback for Clemson a year or so ago–in late May.)

Around 10AM we begin looking for a nice restaurant for a comfortable sit-down meal. We hung there for about 90 minutes. It was great. We did some walking to get good and stretched out for the long flight to Lima.

The flight was delayed due to a lot of folks boarding. It was a full flight–three seats on each side. I sat with Haydn and another gentleman (Caesar from NJ, heading to Peru to see family). Lucia sat with Ansa, across the aisle, with an older lady. Tristen sat with the Swains. All three kids got a window seat. The LORD is in charge and generous with the window seating.

The flight was comfortable. I watched 42–the Jackie Robinson story. Haydn watched Epic. There was plenty of time to type this journal and supervise some of the student’s work.

Appreciating the LORD’s sweet kindness to be able to serve Him this way with my family. I’m stunned.

A guy got up from his seat staggering. The stewardess was asking him to sit down and he seemed antagonistic to what she was asking, but he actually was passing out. Several folks got up to assist him, by taking him to the back of the plane. He came back about 20 minutes later smiling and in good shape. That was sorta odd.

Arrival 10:47PM

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