Mission Tec

Mission Tec

Mission Tec is an extension of Kids Alive International–an organization setup to rescue orphans and other rejected kids. Mission Tec was established by Cristina Thomas’ dad, who is a second generation missionary. Her dad, John, was born to parents who moved to Pucallpa from New York back in the thirties. They gave their lives on the mission field and John took over.

John earned a drafting degree and worked for a while for Boeing. He knows how to build and built the buildings on the Mission Tec property, including the house Cristina and Kyle now live. John owns an apartment in Lima, where we stayed after we arrived and will go back to before connecting to fly stateside.

John also built a large lake a few minutes from Mission Tec, where his desire is to build homes around the lake. He also built two children’s homes on another site, which is about 6 months from opening to house children. They own a lot of property there where the homes are and have the room to build many more homes for children. They plan to build a dining hall too. In addition to the two homes that are on site, there is a tool shed that also gives access to the water tower above.

When I use the word “homes” I’m talking about small houses. The children’s homes are real nice for Pucallpa standards, but they are real small for our standards. I don’t think there is no home over 1000 sq. ft. The Thomas home would be an exception, since it was built by Cristina’s dad. It may be 1500 to 1800 sq. ft. I saw another home that was bigger, but nearly everything is “hut like”. They are small square wooden boxes that may have two rooms in them. The children’s homes are made out of brick. These are really nice compared to the norm.

All of the work in Pucallpa is just one extension of the Kid’s Alive work. There is also a work in Lima and a few other places in Peru. I think Mission Tec folded into Kids Alive years ago and now they operate under their leadership. There are several homes within the brick walls of Mission Tec where nearly all the missionaries live. There are a couple of families who live outside the walls–walking distance. There are also other missionaries in other parts of Pucallpa region who are not part of Mission Tec or Kids Alive.

The locals treat the Mission Tec team nicely and with respect. They do not bother the two children’s homes on the other property, though those buildings are not filled yet and no one is on the property, other than occasional missionaries who come in for short stays. In light of the crime and deep sin in this area, it’s a surprise the people don’t break in to steal and vandalize.

The government is also favorable to Mission Tec due to the good work they are doing. The sex and drug issues in this area is beyond belief, e.g., rape, incest, every group of siblings having multiple fathers, whole families sleeping in the same room and participating in all the activities that a normal couple would do (intimacy). It’s a sin infested place where poverty is rampant.

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