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Peru Mission Tea

I began teaching first thing Monday morning. The daily routine was breakfast from 7:30 to 8:00AM. The folks gathered at 8:30 for a time of worshiping through singing. After the singing time each couple had a time to share their specific ministry and prayer needs. Then we would gather in groups to pray for about 15 minutes about those needs and other personal requests. From there I would teach. Usually my time was from about 9:30AM to 10:30 or 11AM.

We would take a break or Mike, the director over the entire ministry Peru, would give an update about the ministry, needs, dreams, and practical matters. Some days I would teach twice. It went like this:

  • Monday – I taught on an Overview of how to help people. The second session was my version of the Three Trees.
  • Tuesday – I taught on the Fear of Man.
  • Wednesday – I taught on Parenting, the role of Fathers.
  • Thursday – I taught on The Doctrine of Repentance. The second session was Biblical Decision Making.

Nearly all of these sessions were peppered with questions from the team. This also happened after each session. It was one of my many highlights. The team was one of the most humble and hungry group of Christians I’ve met. They could not get enough. Oh what joy.

After Monday, the LORD graciously moved the hearts of the folks and they gave me extra time so I could teach longer (more than the hour per session, which was originally slotted) and they also gave me an extra teaching slot from what was originally planned. The people were so gracious to do this. They scrunched up their update time to make room for more teaching–a mercy from the LORD.

The people were hungry for the training. They asked a lot of questions. They also laughed a lot. A LOT. We laughed all week. These Christians do not take themselves too seriously and are okay, ready, and desirous to laugh. So we did. It was fun. They got almost all my humor and the humor that did not get was even funnier.

All of them spoke English. There was one couple Kyle translated for, which blessed them. They spoke English, but needed some assistance, especially with some of my quirky sayings. Kyle was challenged to keep up because he was going from Redneck to English to Spanish. Kyle is British, so there were four world views coming together for the glory of God.

Kyle also made a sign-up sheet for all of them to pick a slot to spend private time with Lucia and me. These were “counseling” sessions where we spent time getting to know each person on the team. They were some of the best times–moments where we got to know each person in real ways. Each of these sessions were about 90 minutes. We laughed and cried and talked.

They were just as hungry in these counseling sessions as they were in the teaching times. Their humility was convicting and encouraging. They wanted to learn as much as they could. Several of them were asking for extra time and we ended up not able to fulfill those requests because there was no time. If I was not teaching, I was counseling. We went from 8:30 in the morning, up to 11PM at night.

The four things I did all week were sleep, eat, teach, and counsel. There was no time to swim in the lake or do anything else. This was by design and it was a complete joy. I told them I would sleep next week because it was imperative for me to be wasted this week. I was.

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