Ansa’s Birthday Adventure

There’s a birthday happening in our home five times a year. These are typically the most fun, festive, and celebratory times of the year for us. Each year we try to take a week to isolate and direct our affection toward a specific family member.

A part of these celebrations are what we call our birthday adventures. The adventure can be anywhere from one to three days, or a series of isolated events throughout the week, where we go to as many restaurants and other places that provide free things for birthdays.

For example, in our area you can receive a free sandwich at Firehouse Subs if you show them your driver’s license on your birthday. For us, that’s five sandwiches because there are quite a few Firehouse Subs in our area.

Lucia collects coupons all year. And the children are registered with a myriad of birthday clubs. There is always more than we can accomplish during any of our celebration weeks.

The cost is about a half a tank of gasoline and just under $25 due to some of the coupons being buy one, get one free. If we paid for all the food we received, it would be between $75 and $100.

The way it works

We don’t go in and eat at any of the restaurants. We chart out a general course in our heads. We then begin hitting the restaurants. We provide the cashier with a coupon, receive their offer, and skedaddle to the next place. It’s kinda like a food sprint.

We are somewhat persnickety about what we eat, so it goes without saying, these are big time cheat days as far as the quality and the quantity of the food consumed.

It’s totally random food consumption. One of the items we received today was a single round waffle from the Waffle House. We also received two blizzards from Dairy Queen. And then there were four tacos from Jack in the Box.

Starbucks provides us with a Venti double chocolate chip frappuccino, with two shots of raspberry, double blended, and whipped with chocolate drizzle. Say that real fast. (I save my “stars” and when I get twelve, they give me a drink of my choice, which ties in nicely to our birthday adventures.)

The type and quantity of the food, drink, or gift does not matter. We all share regardless of what it is. It’s not about the items, but the joy of being together, laughing a lot, and making a memory.

Our van becomes a mobile, amalgamated, smorgasbord of eclectic culinary odors and delights throughout the week. Typically we will take one day and go way over the top. That’s the day the birthday celebrant takes all their gifts in the van and opens them along the route.

Thomas Tips

  • Lucia uses the Hip2Save Coupon Site to collect most of her birthday coupons.
  • You can follow Lucia at Thomas Tips if you’re interested in getting great ideas to bless your family and friends.

I would love to hear from some of you. What do you do to celebrate the lives of those you love the most? Maybe we can emulate some of your ideas.