Final game of the season?

Today may be the final game of the season. Haydn has a playoff game with one of the superior teams in our league. Our team is 2-8 for the ten game season. It has been a good season and we have had a lot of fun.

We’re not a good team and the best thing about that is nobody seems to be bothered by our inability to play well. That is a good thing. I’m glad they have a healthy dose of “it’s okay if we lose; we’re having a good time” attitude.

I’ve asked Hadyn several times if it bothered him to lose and he says, “No” every time. I’m glad about this. He enjoys being with his team and he is a leader on the field.

One of the dads told me last game how Haydn hustles all the time. He does. He leads the team to the on field line up formation before the game. He leads the team on the field at the start of each inning.

Last game he organized all the equipment for the coach toward the end of the game so it could be gathered easily to load in the cars. As the game ended, it began to rain, which made is proactive organizing all the more important. We snatched it up and loaded it for the coach.

Though it has been a good experience, it will be nice to move on to other summer activities. So much to do; so much fun to have. Summer, family, fun, and memories galore. It’s a wonderful life.