The Christmas Crud

In my last post I talked about how fantastic Christmas was in our home. It was. I cannot lie. With that said, we also had the Christmas crud. Everybody, except for Lucia, has been sick this Christmas. Even several members of our extended family were sick. I don’t think we affected them or that they affected us. It appears whatever we all had, it came from different places.

The point in me saying this is that we did have a fantastic Christmas, even though some of us have been “sick as dogs,” as it were. I have been sick for two weeks and I’m still experiencing the lingering effects of that sickness.

But I don’t want Christmas to end.

I told Lucia this morning that it does not really make sense. I have been sick and my children have been sick, but it has been a fantastic Christmas. I do not want to take down the decorations. I don’t want to get rid of our tree. We have the best tree ever.

It is a white pine, which is the first time we have gone with the white pine. It is a beautiful tree. We get our trees from The Merry Christmas Tree Farm in Central, SC: That has been our tradition the past 10 or so years. This year we decided to go with the white pine—a good choice.

I would love for our tree to stay up longer. We are going to have the carpet cleaners come in the next week or so. I’m hoping we can keep it up until then. All of the other decorations can go in the attic. I want to hang on to Christmas a bit longer.

Lucia says it is because I can hibernate and not have to be the “answer man” to people’s problems. I think she is right. It has been so quiet and I have been so relationally distant from the world.

Today I am writing this blog post on my new Desk App This is an awesome app. It allows me to write and then publish from the app w/o going to the website. I can now publish to my personal and business websites from this app. Really awesome.

I am sitting at Starbucks, getting my clothes soaked in coffee aroma, listening to the background noise of people and music, with my hoodie pulled over my head to create the incognito effect, while writing. I’m in the world, but not part of the world—totally enjoying my Christmas vacation.

Please do not wake me.

The Best Christmas Ever

This year was one of the most relaxing Christmases that I can remember. The night before—Christmas Eve—we went over to Lucia’s parent’s home for a get-together with her folks and extended family. Christina and her husband, John, drove in from Oklahoma. They have four-year old twins—John and Joel.

Sherrie, Lucia’s older sister, who lives here, brought her daughter and youngest son—Brendan. It was a fun time. We exchanged a few gifts and ate a lot of food. It was good to hang with them, with no place to go. This also left Christmas day free for us to do what we wanted to do. 

And we did.

On Christmas morning we got up and had nothing special to do, but spend time together. We had crepes to eat and presents to open. We took our usual bunch of pictures as well. There was no one to call, no one to see, no questions to answer, no crisis to respond to. There was nothing to do outside of spending time with my family.

I’m not sure what made it more special because we spend a lot of time together–always, but there was something about this Christmas that was relaxing. It could be that I am more tired than I realize. Building a business is far more rewarding than “working for the man,” but it is also far more challenging. The risks and rewards are always before me and I would not change it for another kind of life, but sometimes it can be grinding.

Maybe that is what made this Christmas so good. I am still praising God for every smile, every joke, every sound of laughter. I am in love with my family.

Please do not wake me.