Where to live in my town

A friend sent me an email asking about where to live in the Upstate. I told her this:

If Greenville was the center of a clock, then directionally you would want to consider southwest, south, and southeast. The westside of Greenville is low-income, more transient, and crime (to the degree in which this is a crime area, which is low).

So…you would begin about the 7 o’clock position and sweep around to the 3 o’clock position. Any area within that range is good, PLUS those are the growing areas. If you like anything downtown, that would be great. Downtown is amazing, extremely safe, and culturally relevant.

Communities like Mauldin, Greenville, and parts of Simpsonville—that are closer to Mauldin. Actually all of Simpsonville is good; the issue is that it is more distance than what you might appreciate since everything centers around Greenville, and you’ll have to drive an extra 15 minutes to do the things you like. And even farther if you want to hike/camp/enjoy the mountains.

The better churches are also in the same sweep. Therefore, you could live in the TR (Travelers Rest) area and love the area, but you won’t find any good churches, therefore you will have to drive a distance—to the “sweep” area to attend a good church.

Our address is 120 Goodridge Court, Greer, SC 29651. You can google that. It is the absolute sweet spot to live. It is the current and next growth area, which means homes can be affordable, AND they are guaranteed to increase in value, which we will eventually sell after the kids leave and buy something somewhere—to be determined. We are thinking about a condo downtown because we love downtown life, and we’re thinking about San Diego because our biz model is not controlled by geography.

You will note that Greer is “everywhere” because they are aggressive with annexation. They brag about being the fastest growing community in SC, which is a joke, since their growth is largely due to taking over property. So, if someone says “Greer is a good area to live” it will depend on what area they are talking about. We live in Greer, but it’s one of the best parts of “Greer”.

TR is fantastic in that it is the LAST undeveloped area in the area. It will be another 30 to 50 years before it’s developed, which means a lot of country, privacy, and near to all the hiking and camping you can stand. I prefer to live close to people/church, and then travel to the hiking and camping, which really is not but an added 20 minutes. No biggie. I love TR a LOT.

Stay out of Spartanburg, though you can live in Spartanburg county, which we do (not Greenville county) because the tax rate is much less in Spartanburg. We actually live closer to Greenville downtown than Spartanburg downtown, though we live in Spartanburg county.

Hope that helps.

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