Wild west trip


We have been planning a two month wild west trip since last summer. The past few years we have taken extended times away from our home, testing our business model, which was originally setup to where we could run our ministry from any place in the world that had the Internet.

After successfully trying this out for a few years, we have decided it would be okay to do some extended travel. Thus, we planned to go out west for the summer.IMG_9800

I will be doing my normal ministry work, just not at home where I do most of it. (In that sense, nothing will change.) I’ll also be speaking at a few churches.

We left the day after our double campus, ten-week conference with Summit Church in Greenville, SC ended.

It was Friday, May 22nd.

We left around 10:45 AM ET and headed to Atlanta, to Birmingham, to Memphis. We arrived in Memphis at 9:30 PM CT on Friday, and stayed at the Hilton on the east side of the city. It was a beautiful hotel.

We spent all of Saturday in the downtown area of Memphis. We saw…

  1. The Peabody Hotel
  2. The duck walk at the Peabody.
  3. Some fantastic ice cream on their “main” street.
  4. Visited Sun Studios, where Elvis and Johnny Cash, et. al. recorded.
  5. Went to their humongous Bass Pro Shop.


We then began making our way to Oklahoma City to spend a week with Lucia’s sister and brother-in-law. They have been to Greenville many times over the past 15+ years. We have never been to OKC.

We arrived in OKC about 11:30 PM CT.

We visited their church on Sunday. It was a nice church meeting.

I did not go to the PM church meeting. I needed to do some recording for the upcoming podcasts. It was a great time to get three of them recorded.

Slept well Saturday and Sunday nights. Really well.

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