The Murrah Building in OKC

Murrah Federal Building

Today we went to the location of the federal building that Timothy McVeigh bombed in 1995. There is a monument there. (See the panoramic pic, which is somewhat distorted.)

It was a sobering–to say the least.

The reflecting pool is the exact location of the street where the Ryder truck was parked, the one that had the bombs in it. One-third of the building–where the trees are–was destroyed by the bomb.

They have since closed off the street to make the memorial, which you can see in the pic.

There is a building across the way from the federal building (where I am standing to take the pic), which has been turned into a museum. It was formerly the newspaper building. I’m not sure why it was changed into a museum, but it was an appropriate and good thing to be able to honor those who died and/or suffered other losses.

They did an excellent job retelling the story of that day. The tour progressed from just before the bomb exploding, to the conviction and execution of Timothy McVeigh. There were a few times where it was difficult to hold back the tears as I thought about the lives of the people who were murdered.

There was so much detail, including the McVeigh’s getaway car, his gun, and knife. They also had the tickets that were written when he was pulled over for not having a license plate, plus a gun violation.


Then there were the stories, which began from the start, and went throughout the museum. It was emotionally draining to absorb it. Standing in the round room that had pictures of all the victims was overwhelming.

From there we went to the water taxi, which was an over-priced and under-whelming 40-minute boat ride. Then we walked down to the Bass Pro Shop because it was a nice walk through the city, which took us beside the baseball stadium and a few other interesting buildings.

I did walk into K.D.’s, which is Kevin Durant’s restaurant. It looked nice.

If you’re ever in OKC, it would be well worth your time to spend four to five hours in the museum, which is what it would take read, watch, and listen to all the information. Probably will never forget it.

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