A full day in ABQ

Historic Catholic church i

Today we traveled all over Albuquerque. It was fun. We went everywhere from downtown to scores of side streets that took us off the beaten tourists paths.

We talked to a lot of people. Two of them were George and Belinda. They have been married for sixty years. He was an engineer for a nuclear bomb building company. He worked for them for 35 IMG_0045years.

He said the reason the buildings and homes were brown was because it’s dry and the wind kicks up a lot of dust. I did notice the past two days that the wind was gusty.

ABQ has tons of character. In its own way it’s a beautiful town.

If you like brown, then this is the place to be. It seemed nearly every home was some version of brown.

We talked to several folks who went on about the Breaking Bad TV series that was filmed in ABQ. One store clerk said it was the biggest thing to ever happen to their town. We saw a Breaking Bad tour bus, which was really an old RV used as a tour bus.


Another part of Old Town

The clerk said other than the TV series, all they could brag about was their hot air balloon fest. Breaking Bad paraphernalia and balloon stuff were on sale throughout the town.

We spent the most time in what is called Old Town, which was the original founding section of ABQ, circa 1500. (The main pic, above, is a Catholic church, built around 1550.) Many of those buildings are still standing.

Now, that was truly phenomenal.

The folks are super-friendly and easy to engage. It was a good visit, and like OKC, there was not enough time to fully appreciate it. We’ll leave in the AM for the Grand Canyon.

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