Onward to Albuquerque

IMG_9959After four wonderful days in Oklahoma City with Lucia’s sister and brother-in-law, we headed out around 11AM CT on Thursday (May 28) to Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was an excellent and quick trip. We arrived in Albuquerque by 8PM MT, which made it a 10 hour event.

It was not bad at all.

The beauty of God’s creation is somewhere between inspiring and stunning. Not able to see the colors and scapes from the southwest back home, made the trip more than worthwhile.

We stopped about eight or so times, which is typical for us. I suspect the trip could be made a couple of hours quicker, but being in a hurry has never been our style.

Going across the panhandle was cool, since there is no other way to transverse Texas so quickly. We stopped at the Cadillac farm, or whatever they call it, where some rich dude put ten Cadillacs 1/2 way into the earth, leaving the back half jutted up into the sky.

It’s a popular stop in the middle of nowhere where folks can spray paint the cars. Our kids checked that off their bucket list. It was kinda cool to be able to spray paint a car IMG_9964and get away with it.

Sandia Mountains

The Sandia Mountains that were just before Albuquerque were beautiful. You could see them for more than sixty miles out, thinking you would never get to them. The land is so flat out here, that it is hard to gain a proper perspective on what you’re seeing.

As we came closer to Albuquerque, the mountains surrounded us. We drove through them, and into the city, where we found our hotel. Our plan is to stay here for nearly two days. We’ll checkout sometime Saturday morning, and head to the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon

The plan is to stay at the Grand Canyon from Saturday through Tuesday, leaving sometime on Wednesday for a week or so in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area.

Maybe the best part of this trip is the pace. Traveling 500 to 700 miles is not a big deal on any given day when you’re staying for two to five days at the different stops.

The other perk is having wifi, which allows me to continually serve our community. To be able to speak live across the country, while serving our folks around the world is a mercy from the LORD.

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