Multi-mile hiking


The past two days have been hiking about the Grand Canyon. Yesterday we walked several miles. Not sure how many, but it was a lot, and our bodies were crying no mas as the sun was disappearing beyond the western rim.

We were all ready to go to bed, and we all were slow to rise this morning. Soreness was the order of the day, which kept us in until about 3PM.

The canyon was calling us back out for another adventure. We succumbed.

Today we drove to the desert view, which had a reconstructed tower that we walked into and up to the top.IMG_0207 It was built to give a perspective of what the Indians may have used back in the day.

Yesterday and today were endless views. It did not matter where you went, every 50 feet gave you a perspective that you had not seen before.

It was like walking into an endless garden: each step gave a fresh and impressive revelation of God’s artistry.

Billions and hundreds

It was a bit humorous and a bit annoying to hear them throw out the two billion years language on their signage and other presentations.

The irony was how often they would talk about the canyon being billions of years old, but when they talked about buildings, ruins, or human history, they would only go back 1000 years.

They were objective when it came to human history, but had no inhibition about throwing down billions of years to explain what they could not verify. Sigh.

The elk and the antelope playing

IMG_0211We saw a lot of elk. It was so common that it was like looking at another tree. The elk showed no fear whatsoever.

They grazed wherever they wanted to, even on the side of the road.

Driving at night brought real tension since the elk wandered freely about the parks. There were a few occasions where I came upon elk in the dark. You could not see them until they were just before you.

Feeble knees

Therefore lift your drooping hands and strengthen your weak knees, and make straight paths for your feet (Hebrews 12:12)

I’m taking this passage way out of context, but it did come to mind several times the past two days. Standing on a rock, one mile up from the canyon floor, in the wind, made me
weak in the knees.IMG_0244

I don’t like heights when I’m at the top of the height. Height is fine as long as I’m not at the northern most part of the height.

There were too many times where my knees went weak as I negotiated one more path, to one more rock, that was jutting out into the canyon.

The last five times I made that dangerous journey, I asked myself “Why?” Then I proceeded to navigate the precipice because the view was more compelling than my fears.



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