The Hoover Dam


What did the fish say when he ran into a concrete wall?

That is one of my all-time favorite jokes.

We left Arizona after noon on Monday, June 8. We watched the topography change and the temperature drop. It went from 107 to 102.

What a blessing.

The drive was fantastic. Head turning. One vista after another gave a different perspective of God’s world. He is our favorite artist, and we could only conclude that after He finished with Arizona, He had made a masterpiece.IMG_0318

Eventually we ran out of cactus and the mountains became less like a pile of rocks and more like brown, furry marshmallows. A lot of it was flat, but as we motored closer to the Hoover Dam, we ran into the rolling hills.

Simply beautiful.

The dam is 20 miles south of Las Vegas, so we stopped there so we would not have to backtrack. LV is one-third the way to Montana, according to our travel plans. We’ll stay there for a day or two and then head up to Bryce Canyon, then to Salt Lake City, and then to the top of Yellowstone in Bozeman, MT.

As you entered the dam area you were met with gun-toting officers, who had to take a look into our overhead carrier. They made it obvious that we are living in a post 911 world.

IMG_0329Once we were freed to go, we drove across the dam (you could not stop on it) to make our way to the parking areas. Then we walked back across the dam.

Looking toward where the Colorado poured into the dam was stunning. Looking over the dam on the other side was knee-weakening.

We could have taken a 72-second elevator ride to the bottom for a tour, but thought it would not be of interest to the kids and we were travel-worn.

Later we went up to the skywalk, which was completed in 2010 to gain a view that looked back at the dam. You could not keep from praising God for how He has created man with the ability to image Him through our own creative acts.

The Hoover Dam was awe-inspiring. To imagine cutting through the rock to dam up the water the way they did was hard to comprehend.


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