Bryce Canyon, Utah


It is about an 8-hour drive from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City, Utah, and about another six hours to Bozeman, MT–our next teaching stop. We decided to make it four hours to Bryce Canyon, four hours to SLC, and then six hours to Bozeman. That would be three days.

To break it up we inserted Bryce Canyon as a day trip. As you can see in the pics it wasIMG_0484 well worth the stop. We spent about four hours there, though we could have spent a lot more time there by hiking down into some of the canyons.

The Grand Canyon satisfied my hiking ambitions so there was no compelling reason to hike into Bryce though it would have been amazing to catch the views from a below-the-rim perspective.

IMG_0480We drove about 17 miles into the national forest making viewing stops all along the way. The temperature was 57 degrees, which was a 50 degree drop from the 107 in Scottsdale. It was over 100 in Las Vegas too.

Even though we have an extended time of travel it is never enough to take in all that the LORD has provided to us through the creation of the US. It’s a beautiful place at every turn. Eye-popping shots that begged to be taken.

Of course, being in a hurry did not help. As we were making our way down the long grade from the highest point, when a park ranger pulled me over for doing 45 in a 30. He was gracious in that he did not give me a ticket. I deserved it, but was thankful he let us go.

It was good for the kids to experience that embarrassing moment as it gave us another opportunity to talk about the Gospel as seen in the mercy of the LORD through others, specifically the park ranger.

I slowed down after that.


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