IMG_1092We rolled into Bozeman, MT on Friday, June 12. We spent the week with Jay and Lori Moore. Lori heard me at a conference in St. Louis in 2008. She became a Member of our site some time after that.

We talked a few weeks back, and she said we could stay at her place. We stayed from Friday to Saturday of the next week—a nine day stay that went way too fast. We left on Saturday to head to a conference in Powell, WY.

The Moore’s had an attic turned into an in-law apartment. The in-laws were traveling during our stay.

We went to their church meeting (Grace Bible Church) on Sunday and Yellowstone on Monday and Wednesday. I spoke to a group of counselors at GBC on Thursday. Our rest days were Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday.

I asked the kids on the last Saturday there for their top three highlights. All of them said, (1) the camper, (2) the Moore’s, (3) and then eclectic answers, which did include Yellowstone.

The camper

The Moore’s had a camper that goes over the back of a pickup truck sitting in their backyard. They use it for camping, while keeping it stabilized in the backyard when they IMG_0569aren’t camping.

The kids had several “out-of-body” experiences all week, meaning they were totally beside themselves when it came to that camper. For them it was their own house for a week without parental control. They camped by themselves in the backyard, in miniature house.

There is no good way to explain how glorious that was for them. They were “tickled to death” to have that kind of fun.

Ansa only came in to sleep in our apartment once (I think), which is a small miracle in that she is our last child to make her nocturnal journeys to our bed to finish her night of sleep. The temptation to be with us was mitigated by the wonder of the camper. I was so happy for them.

I think if I were a child and had a camper to sleep in, that I would also have out-of-body experiences. It is a kid’s dream—too good to be true.

Fake pictures

I had several discussions with different people throughout the week about how the pictures we were taking were not fake. You see three of them in this post.

These pictures (1) rainbow in Yellowstone, (2) mountains from the Moore’s apartment deck, and (3) the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, have not been altered in any way.

IMG_1048The one on the Moore’s deck looks like a fake background that someone pulls behind you to take a family shot.

I may have taken 20,000 pictures in my life (just exported 17,000 to my hard drive because I needed more space on my computer), and all of them failed to communicate well what my natural eye was seeing.

The pictures in this post are the FIRST that I have ever taken that accurately communicates what I was looking at. This place is stunning (under-statement).

You spend your days walking around Yellowstone like a tourist in New York City: looking up at the skyscrapers, with your mouth hanging open.

The Gospel

The Moore’s were amazing. Elyse (daughter) was an amazing youth camp director; she was constantly with the kids playing all kinds of board games and outdoor games. The kids loved her.

Collin (son) had a man cave. ‘Nough said. He lodged in the basement with 3D puzzles, IMG_0558guns, legos, computer stuff, and numerous other eclectic things collected over 22 years of living. He was also an amazing tech support for some tech solutions we needed.

Jay and Lori never stopped loving on us. They even bought me a jar of Mayonnaise. I hate Mayonnaise. I love folks with a sense of humor. They are fun.

Jay is a 50-something snowboarder (and shop owner). He may live a long time. He is the perfect mix of man and youngster, and he loves Jesus. He also has a miniature skateboard “park” in his backyard. He made me feel old.

Lori is another iteration of the Gospel. She made it clear by her actions that she was here to serve, not to be served. Her ongoing thoughtfulness was simultaneously convicting and satisfying.

It was a fantastic week in Bozeman, MT.

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