Teaching counselors in Bozeman, MT

IMG_1161On Thursday I taught a group of counselors from Grace Bible Church in Bozeman, MT.

This is the church where Blake Shaw serves as the pastor over the counseling ministry. He has been at the church for several years, though just beginning to lead the counseling ministry.

He was born and reared in this area–not far from Bozeman. I first met Blake at The Master’s College. He was working on his masters during the season that I was working on mine. We met briefly, and that was about it.

We knew of each other, and he asked if I would speak while we were up there. Lori IMG_1140Moore, a Member of our community, was the main connection.

Blake leads a group of about 40 counselors, who are anywhere from being well-trained, to being curious about biblical counseling.

I met with Blake on Sunday for over three hours to talk about counseling, our lives, and the meeting on Thursday night. We agreed that we’d make it a Q&A type meeting. My hope was to meet the concerns of the people rather than just speaking on anything I wanted to.

IMG_1152This would allow me tackle things that are on the minds of the people. I spoke for about two-hours. There were quite a few questions, which made the meeting interactive and satisfying.

My personal encouragement was to know that there are a group of people in that part of the country who love God and want to make His Word plain and practical to folks who have questions and/or are struggling with situational or relational problems.

It was a joy to serve them.