From Powell, WY to Idaho Falls, ID

IMG_1314We have been trying to collect Starbucks mugs from each state we go to. There are no mugs made for Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho because they do not have enough Starbucks.

It seems like the entire west is a national forest. We have spent two weeks driving into, around, and through Yellowstone National Park, which has about a dozen or so other parks attached to it. There is nothing but land out here, with a few small communities sprinkled in-between.

IMG_1333To say the scene is eye-popping is getting a little redundant. There is a temptation to ho-hum what you’re seeing because around every bend is a new vista that is amazing.

Today we made the trek from Powell, through Cody (the former home of Buffalo Bill Cody, and why the town was named), through the eastern gate of Yellowstone, to the Teton National Forest to see the Teton Mountains, to Jackson Hole, WY, to Idaho Falls, ID.

The Tetons were stunning.IMG_1326

Jackson Hole was bumper to bumper for miles and miles. It took a long time to get through there. I’d love to go back just to hang. Too much to see.

Idaho is green, lush, and beautiful.