California bound

IMG_1364The trip from Powell, WY to Idaho Falls to Twin Falls to Reno, NV to Folsom, CA to Fresno, CA was a long three days. We stayed in Idaho Falls, Reno, Folsom, and then to Fresno.

Our Fresno friends are Ben and Sonja Dosti. They are Members of our site. Sonja has been writing for me since about 2011. Somehow we chatted via email a number of weeks ago and she/they invited us to come out and stay with them, with an invite to speak at their church, which I did this past Sunday.

Coming through Idaho was beautiful, rich, and refreshing. By the time we hit northern Nevada, it was desert. Plain, hot, uninviting, desolate, dry, barren, and a few other words along those lines. It was not boring. I have not found any of the US boring. Though it is all different, God was masterful in putting it together.

It is said that the area we covered in Nevada was where settlers from long ago were burying their 15 dead for every mile. That’s a lot of people perishing in the desert.

But when you looked at it, it was obvious why. I prayed we would not have a flat tire or any van trouble. There were many miles where the phone reception was spotty to non-existent. There were not a lot of cars on the road. It was more barren then going across New Mexico.

The LORD got us across the wasteland that became more desert-y as each mile passed.

We made it into Reno late on the 18th. The city was lit up, as the gamblers were doing their thing. We stayed in the Nugget hotel, one of the largest hotels in Reno. There IMG_1384appeared to be about three for four big hotels across the city.

You could see the entire city because it was flat. You could see all the hotels. The cool thing about staying in a gambling hotel like the Nugget is that it was cheap. I think we paid about $60 including taxes and resort fees. It was super nice. They expected to get our money through other means.


The hotel was setup where you could get in and out without going near the smoked-filled casinos.

The family settled in at the IHOP the next day while I took the van to Discount Tires for a checkup. All was well. We then gorged on pancakes, sausage, bacon, and eggs. It was nice to eat something other than the protein cookies we packed in Greenville, though they were enough for two months, which has been a huge cost saving.

We then made our way to Lake Tahoe before we trickled on down to California.

Coming out of Reno, we were immediately heading into the mountains. We ascended to about 8,000 feet–or something like that when we arrived at Lake Tahoe. We came in the north end of the lake. It was amazingly beautiful.

The north end looked like it was operated by tree huggers, while the south end was owned by gamblers and tourists. I choose the north. Stunning.

My biggest disappointment was that the Ponderosa (from the 1960’s Bonanza series) was bought by some rich dude and he did not allow anyone to see his property. All of the signs were taken down.

Big sigh.

A lady said the Germans still come and hike their way into his property. They watch a lot of Bonanza in Germany, she said. I chose not to find the trail to hike in. Didn’t want to get shot, or annoy anyone.

We spent the day in and around the lake. They had a beach and many other places to get into the lake, It’s 1600 feet deep and is bordered by Nevada and California, with Cali getting most of the shoreline.

We left after a few hours and headed to Folsom Prison.

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