Harvest Bible Chapel, Fresno, CA

IMG_1449Fresno has been nothing but a joy. All the way. We arrived at the Dosti home around 5PM on Saturday. They gave us three rooms, plus a bathroom. They also had a pool–Haydn’s love language.

The kids swam as much as they could. Sonja made amazing food. We had wonderful conversation.

Then we slept.

Sunday was also wonderful. I spoke at their church–Harvest Bible Chapel. They meet in an elementary school. It was packed out.

I would say there were some of the most attentive listeners that you would ever want to speak to. They were leaning forward, taking notes, and nodding their heads. Ben has done an excellent job leading these folks.

We then spent the afternoon and evening talking.

IMG_1415Around 10:30 PM I began interviewing Sonja for a podcast. The interview lasted 90 minutes, which means it will be a three-part series. It was too interesting to cut it off. You can find it at Sonja Dosti interview.

I spent Monday trying to catch up with work before we went on a two-day camping trip.

We were packed and heading up into the mountains by 3PM. We spent the next two days at Shaver Lake, in the mountains of California. It was 11 degrees cooler, which brought it down to the low 90’s. A blessing.

Some of the Harvest camping enthusiasts went up the day before, so by the time we arrived our tent was setup, with a hunk’in air mattress and other accommodations.

God is so good.

IMG_1421Camping is on my top ten list of things I never want to do, but for the sake of the kids, we persevere. The truth is that we had a blast. It was the people. They were a blessing to be with.

They love Jesus and each other.

We were a bit smokey and grimy, but it was nothing a good shower could not resolve. We stayed from Monday afternoon until Wednesday, just before lunch.

We made our way home, and then began the washing and readying process to leave on Thursday for San Francisco.

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