The P.C.H.

IMG_2386I did not necessarily leave my heart in San Francisco, though I loved it. Totally loved it, but was glad to leave. It had character. Tons of it. I saw the hilly streets. The trolley cars. The bridge, the forest, the Oracle (in Oakland), and the wharf area (Pier 39). It was really amazing.

Maybe it was because it was July 4th. Windy, cold, crowded, and oh my, was it busy. The tight streets was the last straw. I needed to breathe again. I needed a national forest.

The PCH was perfect

We chose to go down the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), which borders, for the most part, the Pacific Ocean all the way down to Los Angeles.

Let’s just say it was stunning. We saw…


Lucia Lodge in the background

Lucia. A community that had a lodge overlooking the sea. There may have been 20 residents in the area, though I did not see any of them.

There were probably 200 tourist, if that many. They did have Lucia hats, T-shirts, and stickers. We bought all their Lucia stuff.

Elephant seals in San Simeon. They were scores of them. (See pic below.) This was nearly across the highway from the Hearst Castle.

You can watch a short Elephant Seal video at this link.

It was closed, which was okay. We’ve seen Biltmore in Ashville a dozen times. Hearst has nothing on Vanderbilt. Both of them are sad places. As Johnny Cash says, “My monument to dirt.”

Stunning coastline. At every turn, up every mountain, around every bend, on every flat area, it was all beautiful. The sun, the ocean, the mountains, the majestic spaces. God did well.


Elephant Seals in San Simeon

Spouting whales. There was a section where we saw several herds of whales making their way somewhere. They were off in the distance, but discernible. We saw several groups along a several mile stretch.

Carmel by the Sea. This was one of the oddest towns. Clint Eastwood was one of their former mayors. They have a law where you can’t wear high heels. The town does not want to be sued if someone falls. There are also no numbers on any of the houses. You get directions by describing the home, not by address numbers.


Santa Lucia in Carmel by the Sea

And the beaches were amazing. They also had a Santa Lucia street. (We took a picture.) The homes were amazing too, small and well done. This is a tempting town to live in.

We went through Monterrey and Pebble Beach too.

It would have been great to take the PCH over a two or three-day trip. But, I’m saying this about every place we visit. There is never enough time to git’er done.

We live in an amazing country.


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