Legoland, CA

The highlight of the trip for Haydn, and the main reason he wanted to come on the trip was to visit Legoland.

He, like nearly all children I suppose, loves Legos. They have captured his heart, and he’s great at building them.

Watch the kids on a one minute Legoland boat ride.

The home we’re staying at in San Diego is about 40 minutes from the park. That was nice. The traffic in San Diego is moderate, which is 10,000 times better than the traffic in LA.

Plus the weather here is borderline perfect. Seventy degrees, slight wind.IMG_2636

We arrived a few minutes before the park opened and left a few minutes after it closed. We drank every drop of the park, plus their Sea Life aquarium center.

See a short vid of the Capitol building and marching band in Washington, DC.

The park is really designed for children 10 and under. It is not Disney, but then nothing is Disney. Legoland is targeting the younger kids, though my kids had a blast being there.

The crowds were also small, which was a pleasant surprise. I talked to one of the workers, who did not know what it why the crowd was so small. He said they are usually wall-to-wall with folks.

IMG_2635Maybe because it was overcast and just after the 4th of July that things were slow. It was great for us.

Here is the shark tank video.

I asked another worker if all the Lego structures were literally Legos or poured moulds.

She said each structure was built with one Lego at a time; they were all real “life” Lego structures. Some of them had hundreds of thousands of Legos, even a million or two.

They glued them together to keep folks from tearing them apart.

The park was small, as far as theme parks go. We kept seeing the same people wherever we went. I think if we all stayed three days, we would become family.

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