Muscle Beach

IMG_2526We had to take a quick detour off the PCH to find a hotel. We ended up in a town (maybe an Interstate intersection), which was about 30 miles inland. It was a place to sleep. I did a quick podcast in the hotel before we made the final leg to Los Angeles.

Our first stop was Venice Beach.

Oh my.

It was a cross between a carnival, a circus, the gym, a skateboard park, aerobics, whips, jugglers, ropes course, and there was the beach too. The kids were enthralled. IMG_2499

Tristen was figuring out how to have something like that in Greenville.

Venice Beach used to be called Muscle Beach. It is contiguous to Santa Monica. We found a good spot to park and started walking.

It was great to be there. I love people and you could not get enough of them at this place.

You can watch our Muscle Beach video at this link.

The kids spent some time on the beach. It was cold to me. It was in the sixties and the wind was blowing. We were the only people in hoodies on the beach. The regulars are IMG_2517used to it.

The upside is that it was July and we were in hoodies. That was a first for us.

Let me go ahead and state the usual: it would have been great to spend more time there. But we needed to find a hotel for the night.

Tomorrow: Hollywood.