The Master’s College

IMG_2506Somewhere between the PCH and the City of Angels, we stopped at The Master’s College, where I received my MA in counseling in 2000.

Hard to believe that it’s been 15 years.

I found a security officer to let him know we were walking around the campus. They were closed and there were very little folks there. That was nice that we had the freedom to mill around unencumbered.

We walked into a few buildings, to give the family an idea of what my college was like. It IMG_2511was also good to talk to the kids about college, living away from home, paying for school, and the benefits of an education.

They have yet to gain the “educational vision” at this point in their lives.

We made the hike to the cross, which stands behind the campus. Had to do that.

The college is owned an operated by John MacArthur’s ministry.

It sits a valley or two over IMG_2514from where Grace Community Church and The Master’s Seminary is located.

This is a fantastic school. It was one of the most transformational times of my life.

It has been one of the many means of grace the LORD has given to me, to help me.

Totally life-changing.

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