USS Iowa

IMG_2554After leaving Muscle Beach, we found a hotel at the Port of Los Angeles. That provided a special and unintended blessing for us: the USS Iowa. We toured it the next day.

It has been 45 years since I’ve been on a battleship. Back in the day all North Carolina school children toured the USS NC, which is docked at Wilmington, NC.

I tried to see the Iowa through the eyes of my children since I was their age when I saw the USS NC.

It was a wow event back then, and I think it had a similar impression on our kids. It’s hard to tell sometimes because the world is so small today and video games and movies have made real life less real.IMG_2617

Nevertheless, I think they really enjoyed it.

The whole thing was sobering. The fact that the ship was designed to kill humans and that people who served on it were killed is hard to comprehend.

People giving their lives for our country is humbling.

We were able to go several flights up and one flight down. This was the ship that carried FDR to his meeting with Churchill and Stalin. They had his wheelchair in the ship, plus we toured the place where he hung out, slept, showered, etc.

IMG_2583That was cool.

There were a few movies being played throughout the ship, which was nice. They did not have that circa 1970 when I made my first pilgrimage to a battleship.

The kids got to crawl into a rack to get an idea of what it was like to sleep on a ship. It was not the easiest thing for them to do, but they did well.

You can see the strap near Tristen’s head (top bunk), which is there to keep them from falling out when the ship is tossing.

In one of the movies, a guy said he slept on the deck because it was too hot down below. A lot of them slept up top.

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