From San Diego to OKC


Tomorrow will be the end of two months on the road. We are nearing 10,000 miles. During this time we have had about three sets of three days of consecutive travel. We’ve just finished third set.

Last Monday we were at Coronado Beach in San Diego. It was our kids last dip in the Pacific Ocean. We left that night and headed to Scottsdale, AZ to stay with the Millers overnight. They have been gracious to us two times now.

We left them on Wednesday, making our way to the Fort Worth, TX area. It was a two-day trip from Scottsdale. The first leg took us through Albuquerque to a little town called Moriarty. From there we landed in a town called Clarendon, which was three hours from Fort Worth.

On Friday we rolled into Benbrook, which is just outside Fort Worth, where we spent a couple of days with Richard and Lynette Driggers. It was an awesome experience; more on that in another post.

We then left Benbrook on Sunday afternoon, spent several hours at the Fort Worth Stockyards, and then drove to Oklahoma City, where Lucia’s sister and brother-in-law live. We arrived around 9PM Sunday night.

In seven days we went from San Diego to Oklahoma City, while making quite a few stops in-between. We’ll leave here on Wednesday heading to Kansas to visit with Lucia’s longtime friend and her husband, Barbi and Harty. We’ll be there for little over a week and then we’ll head to St. Louis, to Tennessee, to home.

We plan to arrive home around August 2nd, which will give us 74 consecutive days on the road. I told some friends before we left that this will be one of the dumbest things we’ve ever done as a family or one of the most blessed things.

It was the latter.

I would stay on the road another 74 days if it were possible. It was an amazing experience in every way.

The two things that I would immediately change would be (1) no three-day in a row travel days and (2) a better way to handle the podcasting equipment (having it on a rolling cart that opened up and expanded to a miniature recording lab would be fabulous.).

Our children travel amazingly well. They rarely complain and are always up for an adventure.

My job allows me to be a digital nomad, so it’s not really a hardship, plus you get to meet so many amazing Christians around the country.

(The picture above is from a place where the Driggers took us to lunch after the Sunday AM church meeting. It is called Joe Garcia’s near the Stockyards in Fort Worth.)

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